What is invisalign in Liverpool ?

"Invisalign” is a relatively new treatment whereby a series of nearly undetectable plastic aligners are applied to the teeth. Invisalign does not use metal, brackets or wiring and thus is more comfortable than traditional techniques and because it is removable, is easy to keep clean. Consequently you can confidently carry on eating your favourite foods and continue to smile naturally.

Advantages of Orthodontics in Liverpool :

  • Orthodontics is relatively pain free once a comfortable set of braces has been made and fitted
  • Although quite a lengthy process – up to 6 months – the effects are nearly permanent
  • New techniques are being developed which are less intrusive and more comfortable than more traditional techniques
  • Orthodontics is available to younger people on the National Health scheme
  • Orthodontics is typically non-invasive

Disadvantages of Orthodontics in Liverpool :

  • Orthodontics can be a relatively long process particularly for adults
  • Orthodontics can be quite expensive due to the lengthy process and review consultations with your cosmetic dentist
  • Certain removable braces must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned to avoid build up of plaque and accumulation of food deposits
  • There will be a “bedding in” period whilst the wearer becomes used to wearing the brace

As with all cosmetic dentistry treatments, orthodontics should only be performed by a trained cosmetic dentist so please do you research thoroughly.





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